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Cut Through the Chaos — Build a Custom Nonprofit Health Dashboard with Datatelligent

Working in the nonprofit space can be highly satisfying — you may be focused on addressing a pressing social need, making a positive change in your community, or supporting a mission about which you feel passionate. But the nonprofit world also may mean working with a limited budget, a small staff, and more challenging infrastructure. Throw board and donor outreach in the mix, and the complications can intensify quickly.

What if there was a data-driven, customizable and scalable solution that could seamlessly bring together disparate information in order to gauge organizational health? Imagine having data related to your people, programs, finances, development, and marketing accessible anytime all in one system? Well, that time is now with Datatelligent’s Nonprofit Health Dashboard.

At Datatelligent, a leading data analytics firm, we recognize that nonprofit organizations have specific data challenges and infrastructure needs. Whether it is the ability to gauge your program’s effectiveness year-over-year quickly, identify trends in staff retention, answer board member questions on-the-fly with up-to-date information, or forecast fundraising goals, nonprofit leaders are tasked with juggling multiple demands.

As an executive in the nonprofit space for more than 25 years, I have experienced it all — endlessly pulling reports and Frankensteining the information together from numerous sources, fielding questions from board members and scrambling to find the answers, feeling the frustration of reconciling data anomalies — all while working to support and advance our mission.

All of those experiences have helped me create the Nonprofit Health Dashboard with my colleagues at Datatelligent. This solution enables nonprofits to consolidate information flowing in from throughout the organization, allowing staff to have insight into essential parts of their business: People, Programs, Finances, Development, and Marketing. Each section is organized around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as dictated by your needs. Our staff at Datatelligent will fine-tune this dashboard to meet the custom needs of your organization. All with the goal of allowing your leadership team and staff  access to the timeliest, data-driven information.

Imagine having all of this at-the-ready: Being able to identify and compare organizational trends, pulling information on-the-fly to address immediate questions from your board or donors, comparing and contrasting program performance to accurately forecast for the future. All of this is possible with our Nonprofit Health Dashboard.

And our team is here to help create your custom dashboard, store the data in the cloud (freeing up your staff’s time and effort), and report the information in a highly visual display, making the data easy to access and act upon.

If you’d like to learn more about how Datatelligent can create a Nonprofit Health Dashboard for your organization or how we have supported other clients, visit

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