Common FAQs to help you understand the complexities of data analytics.

Datatelligent FAQ

Datatelligent’s mission is to use Data Analytics as a Service to help remove barriers for organizations to make data-driven decisions.

Datatelligent has three core values:

  • INCLUSION: We treat all individuals fairly and respectfully, give equal access to opportunities and resources, so everyone can contribute fully to the organization’s success.
  • LEARNING: Welearn from every customer interaction and actively seek out new challenges. All new ideas are shared to ensure we continually grow as a team.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We are open and honest about our company plans and operations, and the team is open and honest with one another, and with our customers.

Joining Datatelligent is more than a career move; it’s an opportunity to be part of a dynamic, transformative, and ever-evolving field.

We invite you to embark on a journey where data isn’t just numbers, it’s a narrative waiting to be uncovered. As a member of our team, you’ll be at the forefront of innovation, working with cutting-edge technologies to help customers extract insights that drive informed decision-making. But it’s more than just the data—it’s the collaboration, the camaraderie, and the chance to make a meaningful impact. It’s about giving data purpose. 

Data Analytics as a Service, or DAaaS, is a data analysis model that allows Datatelligent to partner with companies to provide not only the platform to execute data analysis, but also the people to run the analysis. This way, companies can get the benefits of data analysis without having to create an internal team or buy software. 

Data Analytics as a Service is different from other data analytics companies because they provide both the platform (software) and people necessary to run the analytics. Typically, companies have had to choose between purchasing software and hiring a team or contracting out for project work. With DAaaS, you get the best of both worlds by having an always on, ready to engage team of data analysts.

Datatelligent provides data analytics strategy, data management, data integration, data visualization and reporting, advanced analytics, and user adoption. We help you transform your data into key insights and use them to drive growth for your organization. These services are all included in your subscription. 

We quickly provide three key subscriptions (Unified Data Platform, Growth Analytics, Data Team) that are focused on data analytics maturity capabilities, support strategic business plans, are solution-based, and follow an iterative, yet simple approach.

Datatelligent’s Unified Data Platform is the cornerstone of our DAaaS subscriptions. It serves as the backbone for all your data-related needs, streamlining data collection, storage, and analysis.

Datatelligent’s Growth Analytics subscription is tailored to help businesses harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

  • Grow data maturity by implementing Analytic Solution Engines
  • Pre-defined KPIs tied to business objectives
  • Turn insights into action
  • Advanced analytics (AI & ML)

Datatelligent’s Data Team subscription takes the burden of managing your data analytics team off your shoulders. We provide you with a dedicated team of experienced data scientists, analysts, and engineers to drive your data initiatives forward.

When you partner with us, we become your data analytics team. Our specialists are dedicated to your success. First, we will work with you to align on your critical business strategies and be transparent with our timeline. After introductory assessments are done, we will plan our iterative approach powered by data, our team members, and our tools to build the best data analytics solution for you. Lastly, we help with implementation of new insights and work to ensure that our solution is satisfactory for your needs. 

With Datatelligent, getting started with your data analytics journey is easy. All you need to do is contact us to arrange an introductory meeting. There we will dive into our capabilities and uncover your needs to help customize a solution that works for you. We offer 3-month trial periods to get you started right away and to start seeing the power of data. 

Datelligent’s four stages of data maturity are:

     – Aware of need to use data
     – Manual, non-standard reports
     – Decisions rarely driven by data
     – Proficient on producing standardized reports
     – Data used for historical trends
     – Using data insights to make some decisions
     – Data is inconsistent and often in silos
     – Data-first thinking – data analytics is integrated into all processes
     – Data from all sources is available in a Unified – Data Platform
     – All systems and people are working together to make the most effective and efficient use of data

Datatelligent offers a unique approach, Data Analytics as a Service, that is FAST, ENABLING, and EASY.

We quickly provide three key subscriptions (Unified Data Platform, Growth Analytics, Data Team) that are focused on data analytics maturity capabilities, support strategic business plans, are solution-based, and follow an iterative, yet simple approach.

Decisions are ruled by data. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping leaders at higher education institutions, and human services and faith-based organizations overcome barriers and unlock the full potential of their data to make smart, transformative and informed decisions.

Whether you’re looking to understand the student lifecycle, the inputs and outputs of your programs, or better target your donors, volunteers and members, Datatelligent can help.

Datatelligent excels at helping the following higher education institutions analyze community engagement data to improve outreach strategies.

  • Community colleges
  • Technical colleges
  • Four-year public institutions
  • Four-year private institutions

Datatelligent offers the following Solution Engines for higher education insitutions:

Admissions Funnel
Enrollment Trends
DEI for Admissions

Students At-Risk
Student Financial Health
Academic Success

Student LMS Engagement
Faculty LMS Utilization
Learning Outcomes

Budget Forecasting
Scholarship Awards
Student Accounts

Prospect Management
Alumni Engagement

Datatelligent excels at helping the following human services organizations analyze community engagement data to improve outreach strategies.

  • Community multi-service centers
  • Funders & planners
  • Community economic development
  • Food assistance
  • Housing & shelter
  • Mental health/health services

Datatelligent offers the following Solution Engines for human services organizations:

Budget Forecasting
Membership Growth

Outputs & Outcomes
Community Impact

Trends & Retention
Engagement & Feedback

Donor Movement
Revenue Pipeline

Marketing Effectiveness
Growth Performance

Datatelligent excels at helping the following faith-based organizations analyze community engagement data to improve outreach strategies.

  • Campus ministries
  • Relief and development
  • Religious denomination organizations
  • Missionaries

Datatelligent offers the following Solution Engines for faith-based organizations:
Portfolio Health
Major Event Impact
Donor Enrichment

Donor Health Check
Advanced Attribution
Event Planning

Data Provacy/Cyber Security
Duplication Account Mitigation

Financial Reconciliation
Organization Initiatives
Human Resources

Program & Portfolio Effectiveness
Program Impact Spotlight
Grant Health

At Datatelligent, we believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking the true potential of data analytics. It’s why we unite with key data and technology partners, including Tableau and Snowflake, to deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Yes, Datatelligent offers Tableau Cloud Migration services. Though our Data Team Subscription, we can easily migrate your organization from Tableau Server to a new Tableau Cloud environment

Yes, you can access a free 30-day Snowflake trial by clicking here.

Yes. In conjunction with Snowflake and a Unified Data Platform, Datatelligent offers services around forward-looking AI predictions. Though our Data Team Subscription, we can easily migrate your organization from Tableau Server to a new Tableau Cloud environment

Carahsoft is a trusted and well-established government IT solutions provider known for its comprehensive portfolio of technology products and services tailored for the public sector. With a focus on simplifying the procurement process and fostering partnerships with both technology vendors and government agencies, Carahsoft plays a pivotal role in facilitating innovation and efficiency in government operations.

Yes. Datatelligent works with Carahsoft to offer prospective customers expertise in navigating complex procurement processes and their strong relationships with various government agencies make Carahsoft a valuable partner for businesses looking to expand their presence in the public sector.

Data Analytics FAQ

At a basic level, data analytics is the transformation of raw data into information that leads to the finding of trends, patterns, and insights to answer questions. The specific process and techniques employed vary by the needs of individuals. 

Data analytics builds solutions that allow companies to be more data driven in their decision making and help them transform their existing data assets into powerful tools for change. By devising strategies, using third party and an organization’s first party data, the insights derived reflect the most recent trends in the industry. 

Being more data-driven allows you to make better informed decisions. It can help you make personalized choices for your organization while also staying relevant to industry trends. Data analytics can be the step for you to take your organization to the next level and help you diagnose areas for improvement and optimization. 

Organizations often collect lots of data but lack the means to interpret the large amounts of data points. Data can be a powerful tool to help drive key insights for organizations. Data analytics helps turn those intimidating datasets into a reliable source for insights specific to your needs and your experience. While scholarly articles and other resources found online can be helpful, insights from your own data helps shed light on your organization’s specific problems, helping you devise specific and effective solutions. 

Big data refers to data that cannot be easily processed through traditional methods due to their size, quantity or complexity. The concept is defined by three main characteristics of big data in the 3 Vs: 

  1. Volume – describes the amount of data and their form
  2. Velocity – describes how fast the data is being collected and analyzed
  3. Variety – describes the type of data collected. 

Utilizing big data can help organizations make informed operational decisions based on industry data and internal data. 

Descriptive data analytics relies on converting large amounts of historical data into easier to understand bits to help organizations in their future decisions. 

  • ex. Convert large libraries of consumer data into simpler insights about consumer behavior 

Diagnostic data analytics utilizes historical data to uncover the root cause of a problem or event. 

  • ex. Use sales data in the most recent years to deduct why sales decreased for the past year. 

Predictive Data Analytics uses existing data to predict the likelihood of future outcomes. 

  • ex. Taking in survey data to predict the success of a product launch. 

Prescriptive data analytics suggests all favorable outcomes and courses of action to get to a specific outcome. 

  • ex. Maps software suggesting the quickest route. 

Tableau provides powerful data visualization and analytics tools that allow for easy exploration and interpretation of complex data, enabling informed decision-making. Additionally, Tableau’s user-friendly interface and wide range of data connectors make it accessible to users across different departments and skill levels, fostering a data-driven culture within the organization

The Tableau Exchange is the marketplace for dashboard extensions, connectors, and accelerators created by their talented Developer Community.

Yes. Currently Datatelligent offers the Students at Risk Tableau Accelerator on the Tableau Exchange. It helps higher education institutions identify students at risk for retention and those in need of outreach. 

Snowflake offers a highly scalable and flexible cloud-based data warehousing solution, allowing organizations to efficiently manage and analyze vast amounts of data without the need for complex infrastructure management. Snowflake’s architecture also enables seamless data sharing and collaboration, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to drive data-driven insights and innovation.

A Unified Data Platform is a comprehensive data management solution that integrates and centralizes diverse data sources, enabling seamless data access, storage, and analysis in a unified environment. It streamlines data processing, enhances data quality, and facilitates better decision-making by providing a holistic view of an organization’s data assets.

Datatelligent’s Unified Data Platform offers businesses the advantage of consolidating and harmonizing their disparate data sources into a single, unified environment, simplifying data management and enhancing data accuracy. Additionally, the platform provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering organizations to derive valuable insights from their data and make data-driven decisions more effectively.

Machine learning is a data analysis method that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically learn and improve without the constant direction of a programmer. In data analytics, machine learning is used to build models that can make predictions based on discovered patterns from given data. 

Data maturity is the measurement of how advanced an organization’s data analysis is and how its data is connected. At Datatelligent, we understand that each and every organization’s journey across the four stages of data maturity is unique, and we tailor our services and solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.

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