About Datatelligent

Datatelligent helps you master data-driven decisions and fuel business growth.

Datatelligent enables the use of data to make our communities better. Our unique approach, Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS), helps remove barriers for organizations to make data-driven decisions.


You know your business, and we know data and analytics. Put the two together and you gain new ways to leverage your knowledge into profitable new directions.

Our Purpose

Use data to make our communities better.

Our Mission

Use Data Analytics as a Service to help remove barriers for organizations to make data-driven decisions.

Discover how Datatelligent can help your business

Organizations today have access to more data than ever before. And while they may recognize the tremendous potential for data, they often struggle to turn it into actionable insights that improve business results. In fact, in most cases, the data is disparate and degraded.

Datatelligent recognizes that in order to optimize any business activity, you need to understand all of the data available to you — from your own internal and customer data to competitor and market data. We work with organizations to identify and collect the right intel from a growing universe of data and turn it into actionable data.

Our Values


We treat all individuals fairly and respectfully, give equal access to opportunities and resources, so everyone can contribute fully to the organization's success.


We learn from every customer interaction and actively seek out new challenges. All new ideas are shared to ensure we continually grow as a team.


We are open and honest about our company plans and operations, and the team is open and honest with one another, and with our customers.

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