Real-time visibility and insights from our Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) solution can enable business leaders to make smart decisions and pivot quickly while helping to achieve business goals and preserve business health.

Unique Subscription-based Solution

Customizable and scalable, our DAaaS solution is designed to ensure your data analytics journey grows with your business. By providing the flexibility for rapid insight and the ability to react quickly to changing conditions, our value-based DAaaS subscription offers organizations with data delivery and analytic solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

Historically, data analytics has been thought of as a binary decision. Organizations either had to purchase a platform and create an internal team to run the platform or hire an analytics firm for project-based consulting. One provides quick time-to-value with narrow use cases while the other allows for custom solutions, but is usually expensive.

DAaaS from Datatelligent is available on a subscription basis, so your organization gets the best of both worlds—you get the partnership, the people, and the platform. It’s everything your business needs to harness your data at a price point that’s in line with your bottom line.


Our unique DAaaS approach provides the People and Platform to Partner with our customers. We provide the right skills and expertise at the right time, stay on top of new capabilities, and respond to constantly changing business all while offering a full range of on-demand services.


We partner with you to bring a subscription-based service plan to fit your needs. We work with you to determine what success will look like and build a strategic plan to get there. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.


Your Datatelligent team brings more than 20 years of collective data and analytics expertise to each and every project. Your subscription gets you our full range of services on demand.


Our data analytics platform allows for the collection and integration of first and third party data. Datatelligent can create the solution to fit your needs, from a pre-built solution or a customize solution, while offering top-of-the-line data reporting and visualization capabilities.


We offer multiple subscription options to meet your budgetary needs.


Datatelligent takes a quantifiable, objective look at how data is accessed and used across lines-of-business and departments. With our Data Accelerator, organizations will realize tangible results quickly. Our unique subscription-based approach gives organizations a cost-effective solution.


Our 12-month, year-long subscription is perfect for organizations looking to address both short- and long-term analytics needs and goals. A discount is offered with the full subscription.

Custom Subscription

We will work with you to customize a subscription package that suits your data challenges and goals.


Realize tangible results quickly with our Data Accelerator and unique subscription-based approach

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