Datatelligent Partners with Trucking Company to Create Data-driven Infrastructure focused on safety

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Data Analytics Firm Builds Platform to Support Nationwide Safety Efficiencies

GLEN ELLYN, Ill., February 09, 2021 — Datatelligent, LLC ( and one of the foremost transportation specialists have partnered to develop an integrated data analytics solution to increase efficiencies and enhance the safety and security of their essential service. Using Datatelligent’s economic Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) solution, our client is now is able to integrate its disparate data sources from across the organization to better track safety metrics and keep the nation’s supply chain moving. The project enables the client’s staff to strengthen its focus on driver health and safety, lower transportation costs, and safer roads for all.

“As more and more Americans migrate to online shopping and direct-to-home options, the importance of logistics and safe delivery of essential items is paramount,” said the trucking company’s president. We value the expertise that Datatelligent brings to the table and recognize the importance of giving our team access to timely, integrated data.”

Datatelligent worked with our client to build a data-driven, automatic dashboard that ties together data sources flowing in from throughout the company. They now have access to key information and metrics in real-time, enabling staff and clients to recognize efficiencies and identify and address safety risks. The system also empowers the client’s team to focus on its core areas of expertise, reducing the strain on resources who had previously been migrating data manually and running weekly safety reports. Now Datatelligent’s dashboard seamlessly integrates data flowing from throughout the organization, allowing the client’s staff to run daily reports and have real-time visibility into its safety metrics. This will provide our client with a wealth of data that can be immediately understood and acted upon.

“We are thrilled to work collaboratively with our client as they build out their data analytics capabilities,” said Larry Blackburn, Chief Data Transformation Officer, Datatelligent. “Our key goal is to develop a dashboard that will collect critical data points from across their organization and allow their team to make informed decisions—especially as business processes need to pivot quickly in our current COVID climate.”

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