Cowley College Selects Datatelligent to Build Data Analytics Solution

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Industry Leading Data Analytics Firm Engaged to Drive Educational Improvements

GLEN ELLYN, Ill., April 15, 2021 — Further cementing itself as a proven resource for the higher education community, Datatelligent, LLC ( has been selected by Cowley College to work with its faculty and administrators to build a data analytics platform that will allow them to access timely, previously disconnected information — all with the goal of improving the educational experience of their nearly 4,000 students. Datatelligent has extensive experience partnering with colleges and universities to access data to navigate the Covid landscape more successfully and meet the changing and challenging needs of current and prospective students, faculty, and administrators.

Based in Arkansas City, Kansas, Cowley College is a community college spanning five campuses, and has recently moved to a more intrusive advising model that uses data to support student success. Educators and administrators realized the College collected the right information but was lacking the necessary tools to create a full understanding from multiple, disconnected data sources. That is where Datatelligent comes in; their team has a depth of experience and the ability to develop a customized data platform to track metrics tied to student engagement and performance with the goal of increasing retention and student satisfaction.

“Providing our students with the support they need to be successful has always been our goal, and the additional complications of COVID-19 placed a spotlight on our need to be able to quickly identify and respond to the challenges they are facing. We also recognize the increasing need for technology-based tools for our employees,” said Deborah Phelps, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Cowley College, “and this time of collaboration with Datatelligent gives us an invaluable opportunity to benefit from their expertise in data visualization design.”

Using Datatelligent’s Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) solution, Datatelligent staff are working with Cowley College to build a student retention dashboard. This solution will allow advisors and enrollment staff to quickly identify struggling students and reach out to ensure they stay engaged and successful. Additionally, Datatelligent is working to develop a budget forecasting dashboard, which will allow Cowley’s CFO and her team to develop “what if” scenarios related to their budget based on variations in student and government revenues.
“Teaching in the Covid environment is challenging for colleges and universities throughout the nation, especially as services to students have shifted to an online environment. But it’s also an opportunity for innovation,” said Larry Blackburn, Chief Data Transformation Officer, Datatelligent. “We are thrilled to be working with Cowley College because this project, while challenging, also allows us to make an immediate impact in the student and employee experience.”

About Datatelligent
Datatelligent is 100% focused on data, analytics and AI solutions. We help organizations compete and thrive in today’s data-driven world by providing a unique Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) approach—the People and Platform in Partnership with businesses—to achieve data and analytic success. With speed, agility and scalability, and more than 20
years of experience, our leadership team’s expertise spans all business sizes and industries.

About Cowley College
Since 1922, Cowley College’s commitment to each student’s success in their chosen field is the force that has endured. Our desire to enrich each student’s life is the passion that has sustained us through good times and bad times. From our first day to our last, we will make a positive difference in the lives of our students. Today, Cowley College is recognized as a premiere community college & vocational technical college, focusing on learning excellence and personal enrichment for every student.

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